Jared Leto Expresses Interest in Morbius-Iron Man Future Crossover

With Morbius' inclusion in the 2022 film slate of the MCU, fans have been wondering if the anti-hero exists in the same cinematic universe with the current lineup of MCU superheroes. However, it looks like Morbius will instead join Sony's expanding Spider-Verse, with the likes of Venom, Madame Web, and Kraven: The Hunter. But let's admit it, it would be more fun if the character would make a future interaction with the rest of the MCU.

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Morbius will be the official debut of the well-acclaimed actor, Jared Leto into the MCU as an anti-hero, Michael Morbius. Morbius follows Michael Morbius, a gifted scientist with a rare blood disease who will stumble upon a form of vampirism while trying to experiment with a cure, accidentally giving himself superhuman abilities but also with a taste of human blood.

With more than a week before Morbius' theatrical release, fans have been questioning if the character would make future crossovers with other Sony characters. Leto had expressed several times that he would like to meet Tom Holland's Spiderman in future projects, but Leto recently expressed interest in meeting another MCU veteran.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Leto was asked about characters that he would love to meet in his future with the MCU. Leto responded, "Besides Robert Downey's Iron Man, there are so many people that would be fantastic. But, of course, Venom would make a lot of sense. That would be fun,"

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The odds of Robert Downey Jr.'s making a comeback in the MCU looks impossible, especially after the character made the noble sacrifice at the end of Avengers: Endgame which serves as Downey's official departure from the franchise. Robert Downey Jr. had also confirmed that he is completely retiring from his Iron Man role after playing the character of Tony Stork for more than a decade, so the possibility of Michael Morbius meeting Tony Stark seems to be implausible. But let's not fully cross out the possibility of a Morbius-Iron Man crossover, we know the MCU is full of tricks, and with the multiverse in mind, who knows what might happen next?

However, while Leto's wish about meeting the MCU veteran can't be negotiated yet, Morbius can still interact with MCU characters who are currently the core of Marvel's phase 4. For Sony, Morbius can either crossover with Tom Hardy's Venom, Mahershala Ali's Blade, or of course, Tom Holland's Spiderman.

After multiple delays due to the pandemic, Morbius will finally premiere in theaters on April 1.

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