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MONSTA X Kihyun To Have Solo Debut With Single Album VOYAGER

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Credit: MONSTA X/YouTube Screenshot

MONSTA X main vocalist Kihyun is expected to dominate the Kpop industry as he teases fans with a solo debut single album coming soon.

On February 19, Starship Entertainment released a motion video that saw the official logo of Kihyun. Without any information about it, fans have started discussions about whether it will be for Kihyun’s vlog content or the much-awaited solo debut.

Finally, Kihyun confirmed through MONSTA X’s official fan community that the official logo is for his solo debut, signaling yet another masterpiece from the powerhouse group.

In particular, the official logo video presents a witty combination of the initials “K” and “H” from Kihyun’s English name. A day after, a coming soon image was unveiled to further hype the fandom and the general public, as the king of Kpop arrives with his own solo album.

The coming soon poster reveals the solo debut date and the title of the single album, VOYAGER. As a praiseworthy vocalist who conquers every genre, Kihyun is expected to present one-of-a-kind music that will absolutely go down in history.

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Kihyun and his OSTs for Kdramas

Kihyun’s voice has been heard from a couple of Kdramas as he sings the OSTs for them.

Shortly after his debut with MONSTA X, Kihyun already landed his own OST project alongside fellow member Joohoney with “Attractive Woman” for the 2015 Kdrama Orange Marmalade. A solo OST immediately followed this for the 2015 Kdrama She Was Pretty with “One More Step.”

Some more OSTs that Kihyun sang were "I've Got A Feeling" from Suspicious Partner, "Can't Breathe" with Joohoney from Partners for Justice, "Love Virus" with WJSN Seola for What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, "Again, Spring" for Welcome, "To Be With You," for Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, and "O.M.O.M" for Replay: The Moment.

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Kihyun debuts as a solo after I.M

Officially, Kihyun is the second member to have a solo debut out of MONSTA X. The youngest member I.M has released his mini-album Duality in February 2021 and had dominated global charts immediately after its release.

MONSTA X’s main rapper Joohoney, on the other hand, has released solo mixtapes in the past but has not released any album yet.

Meanwhile, Kihyun will release his solo debut single album VOYAGER on March 15 at 6:00 PM KST. The title track for the single album is yet to be revealed and is expected to see the light in the coming days.

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