MONSTA X Kihyun Becomes First Model Of New Clothing Brand RNDM SEASON

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

All members of MONSTA X are absolutely booked and busy even after concluding their promotions for the 10th mini-album No Limit and flying to the US for the Jingle Ball Tour. It shows how fans continuously see each member on different platforms, actively proving themselves as sought-after celebrities and endorsers.

Kihyun as RNDM SEASON's ambassador

MONSTA X’s main vocalist Kihyun is one proof of it as he officially becomes the first model and ambassador of the new clothing brand RNDM SEASON.

Specifically, RNDM SEASON first teased fans with an image poster of the MONSTA X member donning one of the brand’s clothing.

The tweet presented vague information on whether Kihyun will be the brand’s endorser, and it was further explained in the following tweet, exactly on the vocalist’s birthday.

On December 22, 2021, RNDM SEASON uploaded a 10-second video announcing their collaboration with Kihyun.

As per the tweet caption, RNDM SEASON revealed that the brand would take a different angle on Kihyun’s “ever-evolving sensibility to fashion and visual narrative,” which heightened anticipation for the upcoming collaboration.

MONSTA X Returns To Schedules After Finishing Self-Quarantine, Kihyun And I.M Continue Hosting Midnight Idol

After concluding promotional activities of the 10th mini-album No Limit, MONSTA X flew to the US for the 2nd English full album The Dreaming and to attend the year-end Jingle Ball Tour.

The members’ schedules are jam-packed in the US and have successfully completed overseas promotions amid enthusiastic responses.

Then, all members returned to South Korea on December 21 and had to conduct self-quarantine following the local government’s safety regulations related to overseas arrivals for a total of 10 days.

And on January 6, after completing self-quarantine, MONSTA X returned to their respective broadcast schedules.

In particular, Hyungwon and Joohoney took back their seats on Idol Radio Season 2. Kihyun and I.M also greeted fans through Naver NOW’s Midnight Idol on the same day. Infinite’s Woohyun and Sungjong hosted the show until the members got back from their overseas schedules.

Minhyuk, on the other hand, continues to update fans through the group’s official fan community cafe.

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