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Money Heist: Korea Writer Ryu Yong Jae Expresses Excitement After Managing To Expand Franchise in South Korea

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Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area has been scoring the spotlight due to the mixed reviews it has been receiving since its premiere.

Due to the popularity of Money Heist, South Korea — which is the home to hit flicks like Squid Game and Hellbound — decided to make a Korean adaptation of the hit Netflix series. It did not disappoint at all, as the series made it to the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s official non-English Top 10 Chart during the week of its release.

Despite the criticisms, the remake’s writer Ryu Yong Jae recently opened up about making the series and why he felt excited while creating it.

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Writer Ryu Yong Jae Looks at Brighter Side After Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area Release

Money Heist: Korea writer sat for an interview (via video chat) with The Korea Times and opened up about recreating the huge international hit.

Per the writer, who also serves as the creator of the series, the new flick aims to introduce the franchise to Asian countries.

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He explained:

"The original 'Money Heist' was already popular worldwide, but compared to the popularity, a lot of people still didn't see it … It was not that popular in Asian countries (compared to Europe and North America). So I thought it would be nice if this series could lead people who knew about the famous original series yet have not seen it, and K-drama and K-pop fans, to look up the original after watching our series.”

Ryu Jong Jae also revealed how thrilled he became when the series immediately ranked No. 1 worldwide. Still, he enjoyed the victory even more knowing that Asian countries enjoyed the series through the recent expansion of the Money Heist franchise.

Ryu Yong Jae Is a Fan of Original Series

In the past weeks since the series’ premiere, it saw mixed reactions from fans since it is based on a hit Netflix series. Even director Kim Hong Sun acknowledged that they got varied reviews, leading them to offer distinctive features compared to the original work.

As for the writer, he said that he enjoyed working instead of feeling pressured. The fact that he is a fan of the original series helped him overcome his fears.

"It was a pleasant experience as a person who loves the original. In the process, I got to share stories with the original creator and found that Spain's history and social backgrounds share similarities with those of Korea. And he showed great interest in those common grounds," he went on.

In comparison, the original Money Heist is about a conflict between cops and robbers. In the remake, cops and gangs from North and South Korea completed the story.

Money Heist: Korea will reportedly have part 2, and he pledged to present their own original characters, as well.

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