Money Heist Korea: Lee Joo Bin Shares Thoughts on Intimate Scene With Kim Ji Hoon

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Lee Joo Bin gets honest as she dishes out her experience filming Money Heist Korea, especially her intimate scene with Kim Ji Hoon.

Known for her supporting roles in Be Melodramatic and Mr. Sunshine, the 32-year-old actress took the role of Yun Mi Seon in Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area.

She is the Korean counterpart of Mónica Gaztambide’s role played by Spanish actress Esther Acebo.


In the hit Korean adaptation, Yun Mi Seon is among the employees at the mint of a unified Korea who is trapped after a group of highly skilled thieves declared a heist.

Viewers were drawn to her beauty and her chemistry with Denver, played by Kim Ji Hoon.

At the height of the Netflix series’ reign as one of the most viewed tv shows on the streaming platform, the South Korean actress shared her experience filming the adaptation.

Money Heist Korea was Lee Joo Bin’s First Bed Scene

As obtained by Osen, Lee Joo Bin revealed that she had no experience doing intimate scenes in front of the camera and her scene with Kim Ji Hoon was her first bed scene since her debut.


To prepare for this, the actress shared that she did a lot of research and watched various videos on YouTube.

“Since I have no bed scene experience, I looked up all kinds of movies on YouTube,” she said, adding that she wanted to convey the emotions of her character instead of the physical chemistry with Denver.

To recall, the scene was also featured in the original series La Casa de Papel where it illustrates intense love-making scenes between the characters.

Meanwhile, Lee Joo Bin says that Money Heist Korea depicted the same scenario as subtle and less provocative than the original.

"I knew there was a bed scene,” she said, adding that the director explained that it “wasn't as intense and provocative as the original. He avoided unnecessary and provocative scenes in his work.”

In addition, the actress also shared that after reviewing the script, she agreed to do the scene “because it had to be there for the emotional line to continue.”

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Lee Joo Bin on Yun Mi Seon Versus Mónica Gaztambide

One of the Money Heist cast that struck the viewers the most is Monica’s transformation from being the hostage to one of the gang members hence having the alias Stockholm.

Although the Korean adaptation is yet to feature this in part 2, Lee Joo Bin says that Yun Mi Seon has some differences from Mónica Gaztambide.

In the same report, she mentioned they might have some similarities like transitioning from being weak to a badass thief, Yun Mi Seon restricts herself from being too emotional.

In the latter part of Money Heist Korea Part 1, it showed that Yun Mi Seon has grown feelings toward Denver and vice versa. However, Mi Seon seems like she is still harboring feelings toward the Mint director Jo Yeong Min, played by Park Myung Hoon.

While viewers wait for Money Heist Korea Part 2, some expect that the second part will feature the budding romance of Denver and Mi Seon in the middle of the heist.

On the other hand, the Korean remake is currently in the fourth spot on Netflix Global Top 10 TV Shows as cited by Flix Patrol.


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