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Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Release Date

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In episode one, the world of Miss Kuroitsu was explained. It was emphasized that she was working for an evil organization in order to create villains that could win against heroes. While most viewers will expect evil bosses and co-workers, it appeared that the series changed the stereotype of the viewers. Megistus, who is the boss of Miss Kuroitsu, scolds her and the doctor for not taking care of themselves.

The manager is not an evil guy with a cold heart. Instead, he was caring and wanted his team to be in their best shape. The premiere episode was also full of comedic scenes that would certainly bring entertainment to fans. The series also showcases the Japanese work culture as shown through Miss Kuroitsu and her workmates.

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Details

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Release Date
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Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Release Date

Fans should not be scientists in order to relate with Miss Kuroitsu. Despite her one-of-a-kind job at the Monster Development Department, her daily routine is the same as a normal office worker. She has to deal with deadlines, presentations, and even last-minute changes. Every time a hero beats their villain, she and her team have to come up with another strategy to develop a worthy opponent.

Those who are interested to know more about Miss Kuroitsu can turn to the upcoming episode on January 22, 2022 at 12:00 pm US EST. Entitled, “The Legendary Emissary from Hell Who Constantly Hears the Screams of Evil Souls Supping from the Kettle of Darkness Spreads Fear in His Wake as He Awakens”, fans can expect that another villain will be introduced in the episode.

This episode will be released on ABC and ANIMAZiNG!!!. Those residing outside of Asia can stream the series on Crunchyroll. It has a free trial period for those who are new to the site to watch Miss Kuroitsu and other titles for free. Viewers also have the option to become members of the site to enjoy benefits like offline viewing, ad-free shows, and simulcasts after Japan. Membership will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

The series has English subtitles for international fans. Those who wish to watch Miss Kuroitsu in English dub will have to wait for Crunchyroll’s official update. Will Miss Kuroitsu and her team finally create a tough villain?

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Countdown

Miss Kuroitsu Episode 2 Countdown

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