Michelle Obama Heartbreak: Barack Obama's Wife Had Enough Of Him Allegedly Not Listening To Her

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama's marriage is allegedly on the rocks. There are rumors that the former first lady is not happy with the ex-POTUS bonding with young and trendy Hollywood stars.

Michelle Obama Allegedly Furious That Husband Barack Doesn't Listen

The former president was bitten by the Hollywood bug and his wife didn't like it. Barack Obama has been living with "young, trendy Hollywood stars" and Michelle Obama is getting sick of it, Globe reported.

"Barack promised Michelle he’d come to Hollywood, but now she’s cringing because he’s strutting around like this power-crazed peacock," an unnamed insider told the outlet.

"He’s on this lame mission to be cool with the showbiz crowd. Michelle’s embarrassed for them both and wishes he’d grow up and support her more with her career instead of cracking jokes, dropping names and posting silly tweets," the tipster continued. However, Michelle disapproved of Barack's alleged changes and she is growing wearing with his new attitude.

"His star-studded 60th birthday back in August made his head even bigger," the tipster continued. "Michelle’s patience is wearing thin."

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How's Michelle Obama and Barack's Marriage?

Gossip Cop examined the report and debunked it. While it's true that the Obamas have rubbed elbows with some famous and powerful people in Hollywood, the ex-POTUS doesn't have to blend with the young artists in Tinseltown to be popular. Barack's political career had already peaked 15 years ago.

Also, if one checks their social media profiles, there is no indication that they are having a marital crisis. Their marriage is thriving after they left the White House.
On New Year's Day, Michelle shared a whimsical photo of them with star-shaped eye accessories to welcome 2022 on Instagram. In the snap, the couple looks so sweet as they wrap their arms around each other.

"Happy New Year from me and my boo! Wishing you all a year filled with happiness, love, and good health," she wrote in the caption.

Also, one should take the report about Barack and Michelle having marital issues with a grain of salt because various tabloids make up stories about their marriage. All of the stories alleging that they are divorcing or having issues with each other are not true.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Barack and Michelle Obama.

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