Michael Douglas and Adam Devine Star in New Trailer for Netflix's Green Eggs & Ham

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Dr. Seuss books are properties that have managed to stand the test of time, and we've been getting films and series like Lorax and The Grinch to keep Dr. Seuss relevant for modern audiences. Just in, Netflix has dropped their trailer for a Green Eggs & Ham series, and it features the voices of Michael Douglas (Ant-Man) and Adam Devine (Workaholics).

Here's the official description:

The story you know is just the start. This new adventure is off the charts. Hit the road with a whole new crew. There's Sam, Guy, and a Chickeraffe too.


But how'd we turned this 50-word, Seussian spiel into a 13-episode meal? Our recipe starts "Here" and definitely goes "There." We added a "Box" full of "Fox", a "Boat" load of "Goat," and a "Mouse," on the "House." Try it in the "Rain" on a "Train" or go far in your "Car" to find a spot to park and stream it in the "Dark." Because, in case you were unaware, this show's miles ahead of "Anywhere!"

I have to say, the series looks wonderfully animated, with great colors and smooth movement. If they didn't announce this as a series, I would actually be convinced that this was a film. No offense to the likes of BoJack Horseman or Big Mouth, but Green Eggs & Ham is on another level when it comes to an animated series.

Not to mention some of the humor is actually great. I mean, I'm sure this is going to be mostly for kids, but that Vegan joke near the end sounds like something straight out of Workaholics.

Catch Green Eggs & Ham on Netflix Nov. 8.

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