Michael Caine Admits Batman Begins was a Highlight of His Career

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English actor, producer, and author Sir Michael Caine might have had quite an astounding film career with Academy Award-nominated roles in films like Sleuth and Alfie, but it seems like the British film icon can't dismiss his time in the comic book industry.

Speaking in an interview with The Hindu (via The Heroic Hollywood) to talk about his work with Christopher Nolan in the Dark Knight trilogy, Caine talked about how exactly he ended up in the comic book movie trilogy. According to the British actor, the director personally visited him in his home to pitch Batman Begins. Joking that he was too old to play the Dark Knight, Caine assumed that he was being asked to play Alfred.


During his talk with the entertainment news outlet, the actor revealed just how important the role would be in his career.

"He came to the front door of my house in the country with a script, I could see him through the glass but I couldn't recognize him. The moment he introduced himself, I knew exactly who he was because I was a great fan of his three small films," Caine said, "I told him, ‘I am too old for Batman. Do you want me to play the butler? What would my dialogues be? Would you like another beverage or more custard?' So, I did the movie and it was one of the greatest things I have done in my life."

Caine really did make an impression as Alfred. We can't imagine any other actor for the Dark Knight trilogy.

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