Michael Bay to Produce Film Imagining 2 More Years of the Global Pandemic

All productions for film and TV have been halted thanks to COVID-19, but it looks like Michael Bay is ready to push forward with a semi-apocalyptic thriller that imagines two more years of this pandemic.

According to Deadline, Bay has teamed up with Invisible Narratives to make a film called Songbird which will envision a world in the next two years when the pandemic hasn't gone away and the virus has mutated to become more deadly. The movie is categorized as a thriller, and is said to be focusing on characters who are experiencing lockdown. The film also seems to be a found-footage movie in the same vein as Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.

The film will be directed by Adam Mason (Into the Dark) and is actually set to start shooting in five weeks. We don't really know how the production plans to do what with the conditions of quarantine and lockdown, but maybe they expect things to be more doable in the next five weeks. As of now, Mason is said to be providing remote training for actors in the film.

Some are thinking that this project could be too soon for Bay to work on. I mean, even Black Mirror is taking a hiatus because the world is currently as bleak as it is. Then again, this could be the perfect time to make the movie. Hopefully if things blow over by next year, this movie would have maximum effect on people who had just started recovering from the lockdowns. And what are good movies without that sharp jab of catharsis?

No release date has been set for Songbird, but I'm guessing it could come out next year.

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