MIB International TV Spots Reveal NBA Stars Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook Are Aliens

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The one thing that people learned after watching the first three Men In Black films is that anyone could be an alien. It's an idea that the new Men In Black International TV spots are once again confirming as it is revealed that there are at least two NBA stars who are actually from another planet.

The new MIB International TV spots were released in preparation for the NBA 2019 finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. The promos feature two of the most promising professional basketball players in the industry today. Are they using their alien powers to be exceptionally good at the game?

The first teaser you can watch below features Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder trying on some new clothes before Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and Agent M (Tessa Thompson) walk in, calling him the "MBA MVP of Fashion". Westbrook immediately recognizes them and asks if they are looking for an upgrade as his outfit morphs. It's an impressive show of fashion but Westbrook ultimately settles for a Men In Black look, saying, "I make this look good."


That line doesn't go unnoticed. Agent H immediately points out that somebody already said that and Agent M states it was a long time ago. Sorry, Will Smith.

The second teaser that you can watch above is all about Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets. This time, Paul is practicing when the agents unsuccessfully sneak up on him. "Your court vision is the stuff of legend," Agent M declares. It is revealed that Paul actually has eyes on the back of his head but Agent H isn't even a little scared. "I'll be watching you," the agent says. Of course, Paul isn't letting him have the last say on that.

Game 2 of the NBA finals will be on June 3. Men in Black International will hit theaters on June 14.

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