MF Ghost Anime Reveals Official October Release Date

MF Ghost Release Date Kanata

MF Ghost Release Date Kanata

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The Fall 23 season is going to be a treat for gearheads and motorsports fans. Aside from the Overtake! anime about Formula 4 racing, the street racing anime MF Ghost is also coming this Fall, and it finally has an official release date.

Previously, the anime was confirmed to be released sometime in October. Now though, details about its release were shared on the anime’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.

With this announcement, fans now know that the highly anticipated Initial D sequel’s release is less than a month away.

MF Ghost Is Shaping Up to Be a Must-Watch for Initial D Fans

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It’s fair to say that Initial D is a classic anime and is one of the most iconic car series of all time.

After all, this series arguably popularized drifting internationally, not to mention that it turned the Toyota AE86 into a cult classic.

Though the Initial D manga ended back in 2013, creator Shuichi Shigeno began the sequel series titled MF Ghost back in 2017.

Finally, this sequel is getting the anime treatment via an upcoming series from Felix Film, the studio behind shows such as Nekopara and Aharen-san wa Hakarenai.

The MF Ghost anime was revealed back in January 2022, though it was only this year that more details about it were shared.

While it’s set after the events of Initial D, it features a new protagonist named Kanata, but it does feature some returning characters.

What’s also interesting about the series is that it takes place at a time when self-driving electric cars have all but replaced internal combustion engine vehicles. However, the racers still use these “old-school” cars.

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MF Ghost Anime Confirms Official October Release Date

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Previously, it was only mentioned that the anime would premiere in October. But now, its official release date and time have been revealed via the official MF Ghost X account.

Specifically, the anime will premiere in Japan on October 1, 2023. It will first air on Tokyo MX, BS11, and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting channels.

After these, it is also confirmed to be broadcast on other Japanese regional networks.

As for fans outside Japan, the MF Ghost anime will be streamed on Crunchyroll in the US and other regions.

There’s no word yet on a Crunchyroll release date, though it’s expected that new episodes will be released after they air on Japanese TV. This should mean the first episode will also be released around the first of October.

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