Merc With A Mouth Meets Cable In Brand New Deadpool 2 Trailer

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It looks like 20th Century Fox just couldn't wait for the release of Black Panther to drop the new trailer for Deadpool 2.

There's a brand new preview for Deadpool 2, and in it fans finally get to meet Josh Brolin's Cable. The trailer starts out as a stark introduction to Nathan Summers' origin, however Cable's dystopian-sounding backstory gets cut about thirty seconds after it begins when the Merc with a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) cuts in to call out problems with editing.

Deadpool-esque shenanigans ensue just as soon as the Regenerating Degenerate starts scolding "Dale" for the erring visual effects and in between it all fans can notice how the vigilante makes time to fire shots at Justice League's whole mustache fiasco. Cutting out of Cable's story while waiting for "Dale" to fix the trailer's visual effects, Deadpool then continues the story using a couple of action figures and a whole bunch of other toys.


Deadpool's antics are certainly entertaining, they wouldn't really make for a full trailer. Luckily the preview continues its run, showing off actual clips from the movie where fans get to see Cable, Deadpool, Negasonic Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) kicking ass.

Check the trailer out down here:

The preview is a pretty welcome surprise for Deadpool's fanbase. While Disney was busy throwing around trailers for Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story, 20th Century Fox was sitting out last Sunday's Super Bowl and fans were getting ready for Deadpool 2's trailer to hit during the release of Black Panther. Guess the studio just got a little bit too excited watching the preview for them not to wait.

Deadpool 2 premieres on May 18.

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