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Melancholia Episode 4 Release Date And Time, Preview

Melancholia is an ongoing tvN Kdrama starring Sweet Home actor Lee Do Hyun and Chicago Typewriter star Im Soo Jung. The series premiered on November 10, 2021 and is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday.

Melancholia started with a satisfying nationwide viewership rating of 3.617%. Episode 3 received a nationwide viewership rating of 2.5% which was a slight increase from the previous episode.

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Here is what happened in Melancholia Episode 3 and what viewers can expect in episode 4.


Melancholia Episode 3 Recap

Melancholia Episode 3 sees Seung Yoo leaving the entrance exam at the specialized school to participate in the math competition selection to represent Asung High School. Seung Yoo ends up acing the selection test along with Ye Rin.

When it was announced that Seung Yoo received a perfect score, everyone at school was shocked because they thought that he has no interest and talent in mathematics and other subjects in school. The truth that Seung Yoo was a math genius during his childhood days was also discovered by the students.

On the other hand, Yoon Su does everything she can to aid Seung Yoo in preparing for the math competition. Yoon Su brought him to the nursing home where her father stays. It turns out that Yoon Su’s father was also a math genius.

Meanwhile, the other students and their parents are not happy with how Yoon Su runs her math club. Because of this, a malicious rumor between Yoon Su and Seung Yoo gets out which led the latter to pick a fight with Gyu Young.

Melancholia Episode 4 Release Date

Melancholia Episode 4 was released on November 18, 2021, Thursday. New episodes for the series are aired every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN. International fans are able to stream Melancholia online through Viki and Viu with English subtitles.


Melancholia Episode 4 Release Time

Melancholia Episode 4 is scheduled to air on November 18, 2021, Thursday at 10:30 PM KST. The series releases new episodes on Viki and Viu hours after its original network’s release.

If this timeline is strictly followed, international viewers of the show can see Melancholia Episode 4 according to the following time zones.

  • Central Time: 7:30 AM (November 18)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 1:30 PM (November 18)
  • Eastern Time: 8:30 AM (November 18)
  • Pacific Time: 5:30 AM (November 18)
  • Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (November 18)

Melancholia Episode 4 Preview

Melancholia Episode 4 preview sees the people surrounding Yoon Su and Seung Yoo wondering if there is something going on between the two. Yoon Su tries her best to teach Seung Yoo anything he has to know to prepare for the math competition.

However, the preview for Melancholia Episode 4 hints that Seung Yoo is having a hard time adapting everything.