Mei’s Tragic Origin Explored In New Overwatch Short: Rise And Shine

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Blizzard's Overwatch is steadily growing to be one of the biggest gaming communities out there, and right after Blizzard just announced the Junkertown map, we now have a new animated short exploring the origins of the game's resident climatologist, Mei.

Even if the game itself has no campaign or story, each of the characters definitely has their own rich origin and lore. Despite her cutesy and well-meaning demeanor, Mei has one of the more tragic backstories in the roster—what with her being Captain America-d by getting frozen and waking up with all her friends dead.

The short definitely stays true to her character in the game, and we get to see just how hopeful and spirited Mei is in the face of adversity. Also, I had no idea that the drone on her back is named "Snowball." A bit corny for my taste, but some people will definitely love it.

Besides all that, there are some definite callbacks to the game, with Eco-point Antarctica being the setting and Mei wearing a Summer Games shirt. I'm also pretty sure the mug Mei uses is a reference to another Blizzard game (I'm going to say… Warcraft?).

Now I just want a skin of Mei with her prototype gear. A-MEI-ZING!

Overwatch is playable via PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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