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Junkertown Is The Latest Escort Map Coming To Overwatch

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Fans that want a more post-apocalyptic approach to Overwatch have the upcoming Junkertown map to look forward to. Blizzard released two videos to promote the escort map: a teaser and an animated short featuring Junkrat and Roadhog. Both characters will feel at home in the new map and it will be interesting to see how fans react to it.

The aforementioned teaser has the Queen of Junkertown making a speech throughout the video, as a show of power. While said video doesn't have any gameplay, it is rendered with the game's graphical engine, showing the various areas in the map. It's clearly very Mad Max-inspired, which is fitting since the maps released for the game thus far are mostly clean and hopeful.

Blizzard decided to lighten things up with the second video, showing an animated short with Overwatch favorites Junkyrat and Roadhog. Fans of the previous shorts will adore the animation and enjoy seeing these two characters interact with each other. Junkrat also mentions the Queen in this video, so it seems like she will be a big part of the escort map.

Like all of the game's previous content, this will be free to anyone who has a copy of the game. FPS fans can pick up Overwatch now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A Game of the Year edition is also available, with exclusive goodies for those that buy it.

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