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Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife Was Reportedly Upset After Pippa Middleton Snubbed Her Before Wedding; Kate Middleton Sister ‘Initially Declined’ to Have Suits Star on Her Big Day

Credit: Variety/Youtube Screenshot

Meghan Markle was not thrilled that she wasn't invited to Pippa Middleton's big day, according to a report.

Did Pippa Middleton Snub Meghan Markle At Her Wedding?

Pippa Middleton tied the knot with James Matthews in 2017. At the time, Prince Harry was already dating Meghan Markle.

Pippa and Prince Harry have become friends because her older sister, Kate Middleton, is married to his older brother, Prince William.

The foursome had been spotted laughing together on multiple occasions. There were even rumors linking Prince Harry and Pippa. Apparently, they were not into each other.

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The Duchess of Sussex was left "upset" when Pippa decided not to invite the former Suits star to her big day, Express reported. According to royal commentator Camilla Tominey, the bride-to-be "initially declined" to have Markle on her big day "perhaps fearing she would be upstaged by Harry's girlfriend."

However, Pippa reportedly "later relented" and opted to invite her to the evening reception "to keep the peace."

Markle joined Prince Harry at the evening reception. Prince William and Middleton reportedly "took exception" and moved name places at the table because Pippa organized for no couple to sit together during the reception.

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Why Was Pippa Middleton Reluctant To Invite Meghan Markle To Her Wedding?

There were various reports about why Pippa didn't want to invite Meghan Markle to her special day. Some critics claimed that Prince Harry and Middleton's relationship was affected when the former actress joined the picture.

Prince William's wife and brother were very close before. However, Markle allegedly brought friction. The tension between the two couples was reportedly among the reasons Pippa decided not to invite Markle, Express reported.

However, some claimed she didn't want Markle to steal her thunder. So, Markle wasn't invited to the wedding ceremony but was present at the reception.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that Pippa and Markle were feuding. However, it happened after the wedding. One outlet claimed that Prince Harry's wife was trying to turn Pippa's sister-in-law Vogue Williams against her.

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"Pippa is now outwardly furious and speaking her mind publicly about her dislike for Meghan. Pippa has had mutual friends turn against her because of Meghan and her rumours and her 'divide and conquer' mentality towards their social circles, which cross over," an insider told New Idea.

"Vogue Williams originally heard rumours that Pippa thought she was too low class to join their clique. Pippa would never think that way," the source added.

Neither Pippa Middleton nor Meghan Markle spoke about the alleged drama between them. So, one should take the report with a grain of salt.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Meghan Markle, Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton.

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