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Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife ‘Uncharacteristically’ Missing Amid Spare’s Success, Publisher Is Allegedly Rushing Her Memoir

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Meghan Markle has been noticeably missing as Prince Harry promotes his book, Spare. The Duke of Sussex's memoir has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book, but Markle remains a no-show, prompting some to ask, "Where is Meghan Markle?"

Meghan Markle's Noticeable Absence Amid Spare's Success Is Reportedly 'Uncharacteristic'

In an article for Daily Mail, British columnist Sarah Vine wondered where Markle was as her husband made several media appearances for his book. According to Vine, it was unlikely for the Duchess of Sussex not to join Prince Harry in his media blitz.

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"No, the real question in my mind is this: where was Meghan?" Vine wrote. "I don't mean in terms of the book – after all, her fingerprints are all over that. I mean physically, where is she? We haven't seen hide nor hair of her for days. Which, really, is most uncharacteristic."

"Normally she never leaves Harry's side. Normally she's practically surgically grafted on to him, hanging off him like an extra appendage."

Vine added that Markle goes where Prince Harry is with her "fixed smile" in place. She speculated that maybe there was a logical explanation for her absence. Probably one of the kids is under the weather, and she's home taking care of them, or she's not feeling well.

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Publisher Rushing Meghan Markle's Own Memoir After The Success Of Prince Harry's Spare?

Meanwhile, Prince Harry's book was a massive success, and sources claimed that the bosses at Penguin Random House were so stunned that the "heat is on," and they wanted to rush Markle's version of events in print, Express reported.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a four-book deal with the publisher. Markle had already written a children's book titled Bench. Prince Harry's Spare is the second project. The royal couple is expected to work on a wellness book together. There are rumors that the last one will be Markle's memoir.

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An anonymous source told The Sun that Markle is "contemplating getting entirely candid about her time in the royal limelight." It will reportedly be a tell-all. While it sounds like she is still contemplating the book, Markle could reportedly be already actively working on it.

"It's just a question of timing and how long she wishes to hold out in order to preserve what's left of her and Harry's relationship with King Charles. The feeling at this point is there's little to lose, and she may as well go ahead. The process is already quietly underway."

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A Hollywood agent told Mail on Sunday that Spare is Prince Harry's account, and Markle's will be as compelling. The insider said they would be surprised if Markle would not have her own tell-all book. Also, releasing her own memoir would reportedly help her political career if she had plans to join the presidential race.

"If she's harbouring political ambitions it would make even more sense,' pointing out that Presidents Clinton, Obama and Trump all wrote books setting out their beliefs before launching bids for the White House."

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