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Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife A Hypocrite? Royal Family Reportedly Enraged Duchess Used Her Miscarriage As An Excuse To Lie To The Court

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Meghan Markle was recently accused of lying to the court over her involvement in the book, Finding Freedom. And even though she already apologized by saying that it wasn’t her intention to mislead the defendant of the court, her critics are not buying her reasoning.

After all, they do not understand how Meghan Markle can possibly forget about something as important as sending emails to her former staff, Jason Knauf, about the book. As such, the Duchess of Sussex’s critics believes that she purposely concealed this information in the hopes that no one would out her to the court.

Meghan Markle Distraught Because Her Reputation Was Tarnished

Star, in its Dec. 6 issue, claimed that Markle was distraught after she was caught out in a lie. However, she’s only because her reputation and credibility were tainted following her admission.

“Even though she apologized and said it was an accident, people are questioning her integrity. Blasting the media for being dishonest when she’s outed for not telling the truth makes her look like a hypocrite. She can’t stand that,” an unnamed source said.

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Meghan Markle Used Her Miscarriage To Draw Sympathy

The insider also slammed Markle for using her miscarriage. That’s why she forgot to tell the truth.

“I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy at the time, having suffered a miscarriage a few months prior. And was feeling very unwell,” Markle said in her letter to the court.

Royal Family Livid At Prince Harry’s Wife

The royal family is allegedly furious with Markle because even though she’s not a senior working royal anymore, she still has ties to the British clan. After all, she’s married to Prince Harry. The latter was also accused of lying about his involvement in Finding Freedom.

“They’re absolutely livid that Meghan is tarnishing their image. This is not a good look for them at all,” the unnamed source concluded.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Credibility Questioned

Following the recent debacle involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Knauf, royal fans couldn’t help but dissect everything that the couple has said in public. They are convinced that the majority of Prince Harry and Markle’s statements were not also truthful.

In March, the couple spoke with Oprah Winfrey, and they also made shocking claims about the royal family. Prince Harry and Markle accused the royal family of being racist, and they also claimed that The Firm didn’t support them even when Markle wanted to commit suicide.

Prince Harry and Markle did not also shy away from criticizing Prince Charles. And Markle revealed that it was Kate Middleton that made her cry and not the other way around.

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Meghan Markle Lawsuit Should Be Tried In Court

While speaking with The Daily Beast, David Hooper, a retired star libel lawyer and author of Reputations Under Fire, said that he thinks the court would grant Daily Mail’s request and have a full trial.

Mark Stephens of the law firm Howard Kennedy also said that the judge made a decision not to have a full trial rather early. But following the release of new information regarding Markle’s lies, the lawsuit that she filed against the publication must be fully tried.

Even before Markle’s lies were busted, Piers Morgan already accused the Duchess of Sussex of not being truthful.

“I don't understand really why I should have to believe people who are not telling the truth. You know, there were so many ridiculous whoppers in this interview that frankly, in the end, you know, saying I would believe her would be like saying I believe Pinocchio. It’s like, why would I?” Morgan said after watching Prince Harry and Markle’s interview.

As of late, Prince Harry and Markle have not released another statement regarding the allegations thrown at them.

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