Meghan Markle Heartbreak: Dad Thomas Calls Ellen Show Guesting 'Embarrassing' And 'A Stupid Stunt'

meghan markle, the ellen degeneres show, thomas markle sr.
Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

meghan markle, the ellen degeneres show, thomas markle sr.
Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

Meghan Markle surprised many when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Thursday episode. The Duchess of Sussex showed off her playful side by joining Ellen DeGeneres in pranking the vendors outside the studio. However, her estranged dad, Thomas Markle Sr., wasn't happy with what she did.

Meghan Markle Is Embarrassing The Royal Family With Stupid Stunt The Ellen Show

Thomas Markle Sr. spoke with Sunday Mirror after watching Meghan Markle's guesting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Markle patriarch wasn't happy with what he saw. Thomas Sr. said he watched with trepidation and wasn't prepared for Markle's 20-minute cringe-fest.

"It’s no way to behave. The whole thing was kind of embarrassing. It was certainly embarrassing for the Royal Family," he told the outlet. "It’s embarrassing for her as well. I suspect it embarrassed everyone in the UK, too. She’s putting herself out there as a duchess, but I’ve never seen a duchess behave this way, doing stupid stunts."

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What Did Meghan Markle Do In The Ellen DeGeneres Show

For those who haven't watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show's episode Thursday, the Duchess of Sussex joined Ellen in pranking the vendors outside the studio. Markle did what DeGeneres told her like a puppet and only said what the host told her to say.

The duchess did random public squat, touched trays of crystals while saying "good energy," and shocked the vendor when she said she had healing powers.

"Can you feel my power?" she asked the vendor.

At a vinegar stall, Markle continued to follow DeGeneres' order and told the vendor, "Let mummy taste some. My boo (Harry) loves hot sauce."

DeGeneres also told Markle to eat the chip "like a chipmunk" and she did. Markle also pulled out a feeding bottle and sucked on it. She also acted like a cat and "meowed."

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Netizens Call Out Queen To Strip Meghan Markle Of Royal Title After Guesting On The Ellen Show

Several netizens were also not happy after watching Meghan Markle's stint on the show. So, many are calling out Queen Elizabeth II to strip Markle of her royal title.

It wasn't the first time the netizens wanted the Queen to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles. Many reacted when Markle penned a letter addressed to Congress to support parental paid leaves and signed it with her peerage Duchess of Sussex.

The move raised some eyebrows because Markle is no longer representing the royal family, but she still uses her dukedom title. The duchess breaks no rule for doing so. However, netizens want Prince Harry and Markle to never associate themselves with the British royal family because they have already turned their backs on the monarchy. Also, their titles are not relevant in the United States.

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