Meghan Markle Disappointed Prince Harry Isn't Rich As She'd Thought? Sussex Couple Reportedly Lost $5.5 Million Royal Income

Credit: Northern Ireland Office, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped

Credit: Northern Ireland Office, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped

Prince Harry sensationally sold out his own family in television and book deals worth many millions, but it is not enough to please his wife, Meghan Markle, leaving the renegade royal desperately hustling for new cash grabs to keep her from walking out, a new report claimed.

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Prince Harry Doing Everything To Support Meghan Markle’s ‘Luxurious’ Lifestyle?

A well-placed royal insider suggested Prince Harry is “terrified” of losing Meghan. As a matter of fact, the Duke of Sussex admits in a bombshell revelation that Meghan already dramatically threatened to leave after he “snapped” and became “disproportionately angry” with her during a heated argument.

Prince Harry recalled:

“Everything in the room came to a stop...she would never stand for being spoken like that. I needed that pushback – and the thought of losing her.”

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The showdown reportedly sparked a vow Prince Harry would provide “money-made” Meghan the ultra-luxurious lifestyle she demands – no matter what it takes. With their popularity plummeting, the browbeaten royal allegedly resorted to peddling access to his March 4 virtual psychotherapy session with controversial mental health guru Gabor Mate, whom Canadian authorities once threatened with arrest.

The informant shared:

“Hypocrite Harry says he wants privacy, but he’s willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight to get more money rolling in. His marriage may depend on it.”

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Royal author Tom Bower said Meghan Markle was “surprised” and “disappointed” Prince Harry “had very little money” when they wed. He furthered:

“She imagined he’d be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions! She wants to ride in big Cadillacs, private jets on command. At the moment, she needs to scrounge for those sorts of things.”

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Facing Financial Troubles After ‘Megxit’?

Prince Harry and Meghan are said to have lost $5.5 million in royal income when they quit their duties in 2020. However, they cashed in many times by skewering royal relatives in an explosive six-part Netflix documentary series, part of a $100 million production deal, and his tell-all memoir, Spare, from his $20 million contract with Penguin Random House.

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There’s also their $30 million podcast payout from Spotify. A senior royal source said:

“It sounds like a lot of dough, but the Sussexes have massive expenses – and Meghan has expensive ambitions.”

Informants added that their mortgage on their $14 million Montecito mansion, staggering upkeep bills and taxes take a huge chunk of their income.

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A tattler shared:

“Meghan wants a bigger house and I’m also told she won’t be happy until they have their own private plane – despite their speeches about saving the environment. If the Kardashians can have personal jets, Meghan wants that too. She’s gunning for billionaire status and pushing Harry to cash in while they can!”

The former Suits actress reportedly thought she had it made when she “hooked” Prince Harry, and it was a stunning blow when she learned he was worth a paltry $30 million, mostly from his inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

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A source said:

“It’s hard to believe she never googled Harry – as she claims – before committing to marrying him. But she appears convinced their royal-bashing bombshells will lead to even bigger and better things. It’s up to Harry to get them done – and nothing is off the table if it bolsters their bank account."

It added:

“I’m told he’s deathly afraid of the consequence if the family’s financial faucet dries up. Meghan has a history of loving and leaving guys when they no longer serve her purpose. Just ask her ex-husband and Canadian fiancé!”

Prince Harry has yet to comment on the claims that he is selling his soul to keep Meghan Markle. So, devoted followers of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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