Mega Man Animated Series Gets Name and Official Synopsis

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Details have finally been revealed about Cartoon Network's upcoming Mega Man animated series and they will polarize fans. Considering how conflicted fans were about the redesign of the character, this is actually not too surprising in hindsight. Still, viewers should know that this won't be a 100% faithful adaptation of the source material, which isn't always a bad thing.

The series will be called Mega Man: Fully Charged and the character's real name will be Aki Light, already straying away from the original games where his first name was Rock. As if that wasn't cause for concern, it was also revealed that the main antagonist will be called Sgt. Night. Not Doctor Willy but Sgt. Night. That is an acquired taste.

Changes are always going to be made with adaptations, though we can only hope that the right ones were done for Fully Charged. This animated series is being made by Man of Action, who worked on Ben 10 and some of Marvel's cartoons, so Capcom's Blue Bomber is in decent hands.

Here is the synopsis from DHX:

"Aki Light is a regular, upbeat, robot schoolboy. He lives in the futuristic world of Silicon City, co-inhabited by robots and humans. But this robot boy has a secret... Deep within his programming lie protocols that can transform him into the powerful hero, Mega Man! When the villainous Sgt. Night and his evil team of Robot Masters emerge with ill-intentions, Mega Man dedicates himself to protecting the citizens of Silicon City.
Equipped with his Mega Buster arm cannon and the ability to absorb the powers of his opponents, he bravely battles the wickedest of villains. In this brand new series inspired by the iconic Mega Man video game, comical, action-packed adventures abound as we follow the journey of Aki Light and his alter-ego, Mega Man, as he strives to balance life as an ordinary robot boy AND an amazing superhero."

Thankfully, even if fans don't like the animated series there are some games from Capcom that can make them feel better. We will be seeing the Mega Man X Legacy Collection coming out this year, as well as the highly anticipated Mega Man 11. No release date for Mega Man: Fully Charged has been revealed.

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