MCU Rumor Claims Elizabeth Olsen Signed a 7-Year Contract Extension

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There's no denying that Wanda Maximoff has become one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's major players over the last couple of years. Naturally, a lot of people are delighted by it, especially the fans who have always felt that she wasn't given enough emphasis in the franchise. Now, with the Scarlet Witch set to cause major trouble in the multiverse, many are under the impression that Elizabeth Olsen's days in the MCU are numbered.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Well, a new rumor claims that the 33-year-old actress isn't going anywhere. According to a tweet from Twitter user @HarryBowlsFOX who claims to be a Marvel insider, Olsen just signed a lucrative deal with Marvel that would see her stick around in the MCU for another 7 years. The said tipster also claims that during the span of her new contract, the long-awaited solo Scarlet Witch film will finally be in the works.

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The rumor seemingly came out of nowhere from a rather "suspicious" account and as it stands, we've yet to get confirmation regarding Elizabeth's alleged contract extension. It's worth noting, however, that Kevin Feige himself has previously stated that Marvel Studios will no longer be offering long-term contracts to its actors, unless of course the studio had a change of heart.

As for Elizabeth's future in the billion-dollar franchise, the idea of her finally getting her own standalone film doesn't seem too farfetched to believe especially now that Scarlet Witch is one of the MCU's hottest commodities. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Olsen is set to make her Marvel return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, hitting cinemas on May 6, 2022.

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