11 Oct 2021 2:08 PM +00:00 UTC

MCU Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Intriguing Adam Warlock Casting News

Credit: Marvel

The second Guardians of the Galaxy film teased the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrival of Adam Warlock and with Vol. 3 about to begin production soon, it would be safe to assume that the iconic Marvel character which was a pivotal character in the comics' Infinity saga will be appearing in the film and logically speaking, it makes a ton of sense to finally include him in the project.

For years now, there have been major speculations regarding which actor has been cast in the role. One persistent rumor links Zac Efron to the project although director James Gunn has gone on record that the Hollywood heartthrob was never considered for the part. Yesterday, the entire MCU fandom was stunned after several sources reported that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch star Will Poulter is actually the top contender for the role.

The 28-year-old star has been in the Hollywood spotlight for years now, most notably appearing in 2013's We're the Millers, a film that pretty much turned him into a meme sensation. That is also probably the reason why some fans are finding it hard to take his potential casting seriously because of course, nothing about him screams Adam Warlock. Check out some of the mixed reactions below:

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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Sure, Poulter is quite an unsuspecting casting choice but it's worth mentioning that Marvel Studios has always had the knack for choosing unexpected actors for various superhero and villain roles. I mean, if "comedic" actors like Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd proved us wrong in the past, so can Will. I trust James Gunn on this one, if the rumors are in fact true, of course.

The MCU's third Guardians of the Galaxy film is scheduled for release on May 5, 2023.