MCU Fans Are Just Learning that Jenna Ortega was in Iron Man 3

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Credit: Netflix

I think we can safely say that 2022 is Jenna Ortega's breakout year and thanks to her involvement in Netflix's latest hit comedy horror series Wednesday, the 20-year-old actress quickly rose to the ranks as one of the stars to be on the lookout for. Now, we still don't know what the future holds for Ortega, but fans are already fan-casting her to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Credit: Netflix

But what if we told you that Jenna is no longer a stranger to the MCU? Yup, you read that right! Most of you are probably not aware of this interesting bit, but the Wednesday Addams actress actually played a small part in 2013's Iron Man 3 as the Vice President's daughter.

On Twitter, Jenna's cameo appearance in the Phase 2 blockbuster starring Robert Downey Jr. resurfaced much to the astonishment of fans who have recently kickstarted a campaign to get her cast in the billion-dollar franchise. Now, the question is, since she's already technically a part of the MCU, does that mean she can no longer play a different character down the line? I guess only time will tell. Check it out here:

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It would be safe to assume that Kevin Feige and company are keeping a close eye on Ortega and honestly, why wouldn't they be interested in the prospect of casting the rising star in a future MCU film or series? However, considering the unprecedented success Wednesday is currently enjoying, the show will most likely spawn a number of seasons so don't expect Jenna to go anywhere anytime soon. But it's definitely only a matter of time before she makes her Marvel return.

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix.