MCU Fans are Campaigning for House of the Dragon Star to Get Cast as Gwen Stacy

Milly Alcock
Credit: HBO

Milly Alcock
Credit: HBO

It can't be denied that HBO's latest hit series House of the Dragon is sweeping Game of Thrones fans off their feet and it pretty much turned lead star Milly Alcock from a D-list actress to an overnight sensation. Now, as the 22-year-old star's name grows in popularity, fans are already thinking ahead with regards to her promising Hollywood future.

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Credit: HBO

It turns out that diehard followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have begun campaigning online for the breakout star to get cast as Gwen Stacy in the billion-dollar franchise.

A lot of them are convinced that the Rhaenyra Targaryen actress would be a solid pick to portray Peter Parker's other love interest and potentially Spider-Gwen down the line. What do you think? Is Milly the perfect casting choice for Gwen? Check out some of the tweets below:

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While it's still a little too early to tell where Hollywood takes Alcock next, it would be safe to assume that Marvel Studios and other production companies for that matter are already on the lookout for the young star. However, we don't know for sure when her House of the Dragon stint ends and considering Game of Thrones spawned eight long seasons, HBO could very well do the same for House of the Dragon.

It's worth noting that Emilia Clarke was attached to Game of Thrones for such a long time and it wasn't until towards the end of the show when she was finally able to take on other high profile projects. I'm assuming the same thing could happen to Alcock, especially now that her show is generating quite the traction. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO.

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