MCU Artist Shares Captain Marvel Concept Art Where She Has Shorter Hair

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Whether you love it or hate it, Captain Marvel is a bonafide success and is going to make a ton of money for Disney so those that suggested that this was the "end" of the MCU are crying their eyes out. Even fans with legitimate complaints about the movie's pacing and predictability didn't think it was a horrible experience and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this character.

Though many are a fan of her current look, MCU artist Andy Park revealed some concept art where the cosmic-powered heroine had shorter hair. As fans can see below, it's a nice look for the character and would have been nice to see had they gone that route. It also would have been more faithful to the current character's look in the comics, since she has shorter hair that can is often styled into a mohawk.

It's definitely a matter of preference as the character (and actress Brie Larson) would have rocked either look in the big screen. What matters is the fact that she's a strong character anyone can look up to, even though you could argue that the movie's feminist message is a bit on the nose. Then again, how many Marvel movies have a feminist message?

Captain Marvel is now showing in theaters. If you hate the movie, make sure you have seen it first.

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