MCU Art Casts Henry Cavill as X-Men's Beast Amid D23 Appearance Rumors

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

I think we can all agree that Henry Cavill is one of the most wasted actors in the history of comic book cinema. What's even more frustrating is the fact that we're still unsure whether or not he'll actually star in a superhero film again. Still, a lot of people are hopeful that he'll get to take flight as Superman in the future or better yet, take his talent elsewhere.

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Credit: WB

There have been conflicting reports about Cavill's future in Hollywood with some sources claiming that he's Marvel-bound while others say that he's gearing up for his return as the Man of Steel. The latest rumor surrounding The Witcher actor is that he's one of the surprise actors who will show up during Marvel Studios' D23 panel.

However, persistent rumors aside, it remains unclear what project Henry will end up doing should the MCU rumors actually be true. Of course, fans have been sharing their ideas online as to which character would suit the actor. Speaking of, digital artist @spdermnkyxxiii recently unveiled an artwork depicting Henry as beloved X-Men member Hank McCoy aka Beast, and quite frankly, it's a fan-casting most of us probably wouldn't have thought of.

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While I wouldn't mind seeing Cavill jump ship from the DCEU to the MCU, I still think it would be a massive downgrade for him to take on a superhero (or villain) who is not sitting on the same pedestal as Superman but that's just me. Hopefully, if the rumors are actually true, Marvel Studios gives him a good role.

Disney's D23 Expo 2022 will happen from September 9 to 11.

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