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May I Help You Spoilers And Updates: Lee Jun Young, Hyeri Radiate Warmth And Happiness In New Poster

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Starring Girl's Day Hyeri and UKISS Lee Junyoung, the upcoming Kdrama May I Help You is sure to capture audiences with its captivating storyline and a stellar cast.

The upcoming Korean series follows the story of Butler Kim, who runs errands for people for a fee of only one hundred won every assignment, and funeral director Baek Dong-Joo, who runs a company called Ildangbaek and grants the wishes of the deceased through her work there. This is a service where someone else will run your errands.

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May I Help You Spoilers And Updates

The new MBC Wednesday-Thursday Kdrama May I Help You is directed by Shim So Yeon and Park Sun Young and written by Lee Sun Hye. From funeral director Baek Dong-Joo (Girl's Day Hyeri) and Butler Kim (Lee Jun Young), who have mysterious abilities, to Baek Dong-Joo's right-hand (Song Deok Ho) and CEO Vincent (Lee Kyu Han), the pleasant and warm atmosphere of the series radiates in the recent poster that was revealed.

May I Help You depicts a mutual aid project between funeral director Baek Dong-Joo, who listens to the deceased's request and works with her daily life service company Ildangbaek, and Butler Kim.

The series is creepy yet warm, heartbreaking but fulfilling as the main leads quaint requests giving a deep sympathy to the viewers alongside a burst of pleasant and happy laughter.

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Lee Jun Young And Hyeri Radiate Warmth And Happiness In New Poster For Kdrama May I Help You

Baek Dong-Joo, Butler Kim, and the remaining lead cast members present dazzling smiles in the recently released group poster that induce healing. The four leads sit side by side in a backyard, enjoying a joyful chat, and smiling in the warm sunlight, which gives a pleasant atmosphere.

In particular, Baek Dong-Joo and Butler Kim share eye contact, which makes viewers even more excited for the forthcoming series. There is also a tagline in the poster that says, "What is your request?" pertaining to the main purpose of the show– to tend to the living and dead's requests.

Huge attention is also focused on what stories will be presented in the series, as well as the performance of the lead actors, Lee Jun Young and Hyeri.

Meanwhile, the production team of the upcoming Kdrama series May I Help You commented that the show would present various stories and unique requests of the deceased that have not been delivered to those left behind, giving warm laughter and empathy.

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May I Help You Episode 1 Release Date And Time

MBC Kdrama May I Help You Episode 1 is set to air on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 9:50 PM KST. The exact time of the episode's release depends on your location and time zone. On the other hand, here are the approximate release times of the show according to different time zones.

  • Central Time: 7:50 AM (October 19)
  • British Time: 1:50 PM (October 19)
  • Eastern Time: 8:50 AM (October 19)
  • Pacific Time: 5:50 AM (October 19)
  • Philippine Time: 8:50 PM (October 19)

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