Little Women Episode 10 Recap: Kim Go Eun Loses Her Money, Plays An Important Role In Wi Ha Joon's Dangerous Plan + Nam Ji Hyun Reveals The Truth About Jeongran Society

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

tvN Kdrama Little Women stars Kim Go Eun with Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ki Joon, and Wi Ha Joon. The series depicts the story of three poor but friendly sisters facing the richest and most powerful family in South Korea.

Little Women Episode 10 was released on October 2, 2022, and simultaneously streamed on Netflix. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 10 received a nationwide viewership rating of 9.701%. This has become the series’ new personal best in ratings.

Here is a Little Women Episode 10 recap and everything you need to know about the recently premiered Kdrama.

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Little Women Episode 10 Recap

Little Women Episode 10 sees Park Jae-Sang speaking to the public about his aspirations as he takes the mayoral seat. While he brings himself up and continues to trick the citizens with his articulate public speaking, Choi Do-Il hacks the event’s system and plays a video that will have Park Jae-Sang in ruins.

The video shows Park Jae-Sang taking the pistol Won Sang-Woo aimed at him. Won Sang-Woo continues to touch his sensitive side by mentioning his father’s name and reciting all the cruel things he has done. Park Jae-Sang exploded and eventually took Won Sang-Woo’s life on his own.

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Wi Ha Joon Takes The Risk In Little Women Episode 10

Park Jae-Sang finds out that Choi Do-Il helped Won Sang-Woo escape the hospital, so he chooses his mother, Ahn So-Young, to pressure him. Choi Do-Il’s mother did not want to hold her son back from completing his plans, so she tried to kill herself by biting her tongue but eventually failed. She survived and was confined in the hospital.

Choi Do-Il betrays his father, Choi Hee-Jae, and tells Park Jae-Sang about his plans to assassinate him. Park Jae-Sang had a bomb installed on Choi Hee-Jae’s truck and had Choi Do-Il bugged with recording devices so he won’t betray them.

Meanwhile, Choi Hee-Jae arrives at his destination. Oh In-Joo is there for Lee Yong-Gwi when Choi Hee-Jae’s truck exploded as soon as it parked in front of the office. He caught fire all over his body, but Lee Yong-Gwi quickly responded and saved his life. Oh In-Joo was in terrible shock, but it perfectly executed Choi Do-Il’s plans.

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Nam Ji Hyun And Kim Go Eun Face The Challenge In Little Women Episode 10

After difficult work to have just one broadcast station accept her story, Oh In-Kyung finally gets to face the public as a reporter. Park Jae-Sang sees her name on the broadcast station where live news is scheduled. It turns out that In-Kyung was preparing for another appearance on the live news.

In-Kyung appears with Ahn So-Young and reveals that the culprit of the Hongshin Demolition is Park Jae-Sang’s father, Park Il-Bok. On the other hand, Choi Hee-Jae wakes up in the hospital room, and Choi Do-Il arrives at the perfect time. Choi Do-Il explains to In-Joo everything that happened and that she had perfectly done her role.

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Meanwhile, the revelation of Won Sang-Woo’s murder had a huge toll on Park Jae-Sang. He was reported to have jumped out of the building, resulting in his unexpected death. Won Sang-Ah is devastated at the news of her husband’s death and declares war on Oh In-Joo. However, Park Jae-Sang’s death leaves some questions unanswered. Could it be that Jeongran Society killed him?

Oh In-Joo checks her bank account and as she refreshes the page, her money suddenly disappears.

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