Max Finally Sets Release Date for Harley Quinn Season 4

Harley Quinn
Credit: Max

Harley Quinn
Credit: Max

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Following the highly-acclaimed third season and the release of the Valentine's Day special earlier this year, a lot of fans are now looking forward to the fourth season of the hit DC animated series Harley Quinn.

While the plot details are currently under wraps at the moment, it is expected to continue Harley Quinn's misadventures around Gotham City alongside her girlfriend Poison Ivy as well as the Bat-Family, which she now teams up with by the end of the third season.

Recently, we learned that the upcoming season is set to premiere this summer and now we finally know when it will exactly arrive on our screens.

Harley Quinn Season 4 to Premiere on Max Next Month

Harley Quinn
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Credit: Max

According to TVLine, Max has officially announced that the fourth season of Harley Quinn is set to premiere on Thursday, July 27. It will be around the same as last year when it was also released near the end of July.

However, there is no announcement yet whether the episodes will premiere weekly or they will also release all episodes at the same time which will be a new territory for them as they've never done a binge mode before.

The upcoming installment will also see some major changes at the top since writer Sarah Peters was tapped as the new showrunner and main executive producer of the new season.

A trailer for the new season will likely arrive very soon as we're now a month away before its scheduled premiere and it will give us an extensive look at what they have in store for the new season.

While the plot details are scarce at the moment, the season is expected to explore Harley's team-up with the Bat-Family, specifically Batgirl. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy found herself taking charge of the Legion of Doom for Lex Luthor.

We should be hearing more details about the upcoming season in the coming days as we're getting closer to its highly-anticipated release. It is not surprising at this point if we see a new trailer around next week.

Aside from the main series, Max is also set to release the Kite Man spinoff series which recently changed its title to Kite Man: Hell Yeah! No release date has been set yet for the show.

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The first three seasons of Harley Quinn are available to stream on Max.

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