Superman & Lois Actor Gets Honest About the Man of Steel's DCU Recasting

Superman & Lois
Credit: The CW

Superman & Lois
Credit: The CW

The future of the CW series Superman & Lois remains in limbo at the moment as the network is still deciding whether they can retain it on the air beyond the current third season under the recent new management.

Meanwhile, DC fans are looking forward to the Man of Steel's upcoming DCU debut in the rebooted franchise's first film Superman: Legacy, which is currently casting the key roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

There's no doubt that Superman remains one of the most beloved superheroes today and fans always tune in whenever the character shows up on the big screen or small screen. Whether the CW series gets canceled or not, the Man of Steel will still fly around on our screens.

Tyler Hoechlin Opens Up About the Recasting of Superman in James Gunn's DCU

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Credit: DC Comics

In his recent appearance at the Superman Celebration event (via Screen Rant), Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Superman/Clark Kent in Superman & Lois, opened up about his thoughts regarding the upcoming recasting of the Man of Steel in the new DCU franchise under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The actor shared his support for Gunn's new direction for the Man of Steel on the big screen as well as reminded fans to be open-minded about whoever the new actor will get cast in the iconic superhero role.

"I am very confident that whoever comes in [for Superman: Legacy]... it's so funny, people jump so quickly to say 'That's not it, that's not it!' when they get somebody," he said.

"But I would just encourage everybody to whoever the next person ends up being [cast as Superman] give them a chance because I'm sure they will be awesome."

Hoechlin continued, "I think anyone who does this has a huge love for it and a real care for the character, even me, who didn't really grow up with the character - you know what Superman means to people, and I think it's just something that you don't mess with unless you really have a care for it. I'm excited to see whoever the next person is."

Superman & Lois
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Credit: The CW

This is certainly a great encouragement from Hoechlin, who is very familiar with what it feels like to step into the shoes of one of the most iconic superheroes of all time and is aware of the responsibility of bringing the character to the screen.

As the actor pointed out, Gunn's direction is very promising based on his past works, especially in the DC franchise and we should be open about the actor that they'll announce to play the role whether we like it or not.

For now, let's wait and see whether Hoechlin will get to continue donning the cape for another season and who will end up playing the character in the new DCU franchise.

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The current third season of Superman & Lois airs every Tuesday on The CW. You can check more details about it here.

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