Matthew Perry Net Worth: Comedian’s Friends Salary, Royalties Will Surely Surprise You

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Matthew Perry returns to the limelight with his upcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, which is now getting controversial after seeming to throw hate on everybody’s favorite, Keanu Reeves. As he details his life and everything in between, take a look at the comedian’s over four-decade career and the success he has attained.

Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom Friends, in which his salary and royalties will surprise you. From there, he made several more projects that furthered his career and helped his net worth grow.

Matthew Perry’s Entertainment Career

Aside from Friends, Perry also starred in the short-lived TV series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He also made several movies, like Fools Rush In, Almost Heroes, The Whole Nine Yards, and 17 Again.

In 2010, he started voice acting, doing voice-over works for video games, like Benny in Fallout: New Vegas.

He also co-created, co-wrote, executive produced, and starred in the ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine. From there, he did Go On and The Odd Couple.

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Matthew Perry’s Friends Salary, Royalties and Net Worth

Perry’s starting salary for Friends Season 1 was $22,500 per episode, which grew to $40,000 per episode in the second season, and $75,000 per episode in the third season.

As the show became a success each season, it increased to $85,000 per episode in the fourth season, $100,000 per episode in the fifth season, and $125,000 per episode in the sixth season.

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He and the other cast experienced a dramatic increase of $750,000 per episode in Seasons 7 and 8 and a whopping $1 million per episode in Seasons 9 and 10.

The cast, too, could demand backend points on the show, letting them earn royalties off its sale into syndication.

Friends reportedly continues to earn $1 billion a year in syndication royalties and streaming deals, and each cast member can earn about $10 to $20 million in royalties alone.

That said, it’s no surprise that Perry is now worth $120 million.

Matthew Perry Apologizes to Keanu Reeves

In other news, Perry apologized to Reeves after seeming to throw hate on The Matrix actor when he wrote why did Reeves still walk “among us” when Chris Farley died in his memoir after Variety and The New York Post published its excerpts.

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"I'm actually a big fan of Keanu. I just chose a random name, my mistake,” he said in a statement to People. “I apologize. I should have used my own name instead."

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