Mattel's SDCC Exclusive Cyborg In Motherbox Looks Kind Of Ridiculous

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With San Diego Comic-Con kicking in this July, several other companies have been releasing teasers for their SDCC exclusive products. Mattel has just announced their exclusive Cyborg that comes inside a motherbox package—and it looks kind of silly.


If you open the package, you see that Cyborg is in there, and you can press a button that makes him light-up along with some sound effects. Now unless Cyborg is going to be trapped inside a giant motherbox in Justice League, I'm going to say that this looks like a pretty lame excuse for an SDCC exclusive.

The way SDCC exclusives go, they usually come with cool accessories that make the figure look pretty cool when it's displayed. The Black Series Boba Fett SDCC exclusive came with Han Solo in carbonite, and old Ben Kenobi came with his desk hologram of Leia.

I guess the motherbox would look like a cool display, but there isn't even any texture on the box. It's just flat cardboard!

I don't know, maybe I'm just looking too much into it. I get pretty passionate when it comes to quality figures getting released. I started collecting back when Marvel Legends figures still came with cool character-themed bases, now they just seem to pump out lame sculpt after lame sculpt. Mattel isn't any different.

Justice League comes out Nov. 17.

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