Aquaman’s Dolph Lundgren Practices His Underwater Stunts In New Set Video

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Amber Heard and Jason Momoa aren't the only ones training hard for their roles in the DC Extended Universe's Aquaman. Swedish actor Hans Dolph Lundgren has also been working hard on his role as Nereus, the king of the aquatic nation of Xebel.

Though production for the highly anticipated underwater superhero movie began in Australia back in May, it seems like principal photography has been put on hold, probably so that Momoa could return to England to help in the Justice League reshoots.

While the production's been put on hold, Lundgren's been busy training for his part. A video of Lundgren working on his stunts have made their way online, giving fans an idea of the action sequences he has to do in Aquaman.


Check it out down below:

Videos of Heard and Momoa have surfaced on Twitter before and it's great to see Lundgren hard at work too. It might not take as much effort as doing actual stunts underwater like Zack Snyder had Momoa do in his debut in Batman v Superman, but making action sequences look believable on CGI can also be pretty tricky.

Aquaman comes swimming into cinemas on Dec. 21, 2018 while Justice League hits the big screen on Nov. 17, 2017.

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