Mattel is Losing Their License to Make DC Toys

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For years toy giant Mattel has been the main provider of toys for the DC Comics line, but it looks like the license is about to expire soon. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mattel could lose their licensing rights for DC toys come 2020.

As per the site, DC's partnership with a smaller company called Spin Master Corp. will be starting in the Spring of 2020. Spin Master COO Ben Gadbois said in a statement:

"Partnering with an iconic brand like DC is a major milestone for Spin Master and is part of our strategy to invest in successful licenses to further grow and diversify our business… Children everywhere have been entertained and inspired by DC Super Heroes™ and Super-Villains™ for more than 80 years and we're honoured to be a part of that storytelling and imagined play. We are looking forward to bringing Spin Master's renowned innovation to the toy line and to sharing more details about this exciting partnership in the new year."

While losing DC is certainly a blow for Mattel, they do still have the license to DC Comics pre-school and girls' toys. I don't know how that compares with more mainstream "boys toys" though.

As a toy collector myself, I have to say that Mattel has been falling short when it comes to the action figure market. The toy company that dominated the last year was Hasbro, and I could say that they have certainly made some great leaps when it comes to their toy lines like Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends.

Mattel, on the other hand, has been pumping out these so-so action figures that can't even hold a candle to Hasbro's new photo-real tech.

Hopefully, collectors will love what Spin Master has to bring to the table. I guess we'll just have to wait and see until 2020.


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