Matt Reeves' The Batman will be a Mystery Set in the 90s

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Matt Reeves' The Batman is finally picking up steam, and we're getting more and more info from the movie regularly. We know that the film will be a prequel focusing on the younger Bruce Wayne, and news has it that we have a specific time period in which the film will be set.

According to Discussing Film, The Batman will be set in the 90s with Bruce Wayne trying to solve some kind of mystery. They write specifically: Batman's skills as a detective as the film will centred around a mystery that Batman will have to solve, the film will also be set in the '90s.

Though Batman is considered to be the world's greatest detective, the films have admittedly been focusing more on spectacle than the actual detective genre. We don't know exactly what kind of mystery Batman will be solving in the movie, but it has been said that the movie will include a lot of villains from Batman's rogues gallery, one of which is the Penguin.


For now, it's said that Reeves' is busy polishing the script for the film to give it more action. It looks like the movie was originally supposed to be simpler focusing on Batman's mystery solving skills, but the executives at WB were said to be so pleased with Reeves' work that they decided to give him a bigger budget—hence, more spectacle.

Matt Reeves' The Batman is aiming for a release on June 25, 2021.

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