Ben Affleck Open to Coming Back to the DCEU, but Not as Batman

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After appearing in three DCEU films, Ben Affleck has officially put down the cowl to have someone else take over for the Dark Knight. While he says he's done playing Batman, he does however want to keep the door open for coming back to the DCEU.

He said this during an interview:

We know that Affleck has a background with the comics, so I can imagine that he would take on a project focused on a different character that isn't Bruce Wayne. This is just my wishful thinking here, but maybe Affleck can do some small cameos as his Bruce Wayne in future films, seeing as he's the Batman we're introduced to in the current timeline. Matt Reeves' Batman is supposed to be a prequel focusing on a younger Batman still trying to get the ropes of being a crimefighter.


A lot of people are no doubt bummed that Affleck has left the part, and I guess it's just harder to let go seeing as we don't have someone to play the next Batman yet. Hopefully WB announces their new Caped Crusader before June. The movie is set to start production sometime later this year. Don't forget we also have a whole ‘rogues gallery' of villains to cast.

For now, The Batman still has a long way until production starts. Reeves' had just recently finished working on the script, but we don't exactly know at what point pre-production is in right now. I guess it's best we just look to the release of the next DCEU film—Shazam!, which comes out in April.

The Batman is set to come out June 25, 2021.

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