Matt Reeves Seemingly Confirms The Batman Trilogy Following The Batman Part 2 Release Date Reveal

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DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have recently unveiled their new DC Chapter One slate titled “Gods and Monsters” which involves a list of both live-action and animated films and series. Including feature films such as Superman: Legacy, The Authority, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing, the new DC slate announcement included Matt Reeves’ The Batman Part II release date!

Robert Pattinson will be returning for Matt Reeves’ The Batman Part II, which has been revealed to be slated for its theatrical release in October 2025. Upon the reveal via Variety on Twitter, Matt Reeves reposted the tweet with the caption of 3 bat emojis, which could easily direct to a potential The Batman Trilogy from Reeves. Check out the tweet below:

The Batman Part II has been confirmed to exist in DC’s Elseworlds continuity, which is a different universe from the main superhero films slate. Although Reeves is still currently working on the Penguin TV series, and the new DC slate is introducing a different Caped Crusader from Pattinson, James Gunn took it upon himself to update DC fans on the future plans regarding the Batman crime saga (via

“Matt [Reeves] is working on Batman 2, which he thinks of as a Batman crime saga,” Gunn explained, “And it is its own thing, and he’s hard at work on that. He came in and pitched us some amazing, really cool stuff the other day. Our plan is for that to continue.”

Batman added: “Batman’s not a stepchild. I mean, it’s all under DC. we are fully invested in the success of The Batman, just like we are everything else.”

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To reiterate, Matt Reeves’ The Batman Part II starring Robert Pattinson is a different DC slate film from what James Gunn is developing for a new Batman and Robin movie titled The Brave and The Bold, which is based on Grant Morrison’s run of the Batman. Though nothing has been set to stone yet in regard to a The Batman trilogy for Reeves, it is interesting to see that the DCU is now set in motion despite its many delays.

As mentioned, The Batman Part II is currently slated for release in theaters on October 3, 2025.

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