Matt Reeves Faces Allegations of Stealing Creative Ideas for The Batman

The Batman
Credit: WB

The Batman
Credit: WB

There's no denying that comic book film fans and even the biggest critics of the DC film franchise enjoyed Matt Reeves' The Batman and while we've seen multiple Batman live-action stories in the last decade alone, Robert Pattinson's take on the caped crusader just might be the closest portrayal of the iconic DC character to the comics.

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Credit: WB

However, months following the film's critical and financial triumph, Reeves is now finding himself in the midst of scandal. According to former DC Comics writer Chris Wozniak, the director stole ideas from him and incorporated them into his final Batman script.

In a YouTube video, Wozniak broke down some of the film's major plot points and compared them to the story he wrote for the Dark Knight in 1990. Wozniak pretty much claims that his Batman story was rehashed and potentially tweaked without his knowledge by writer Michael Uslan who also worked in the 2022 blockbuster. Check out the full video below:

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As it stands, Warner Bros. Discover, Matt Reeves, or Michael Uslan have yet to address the accusations thrown by Wozniak. I gotta say though, the parallels between Reeves and Wozniak's work could be coincidental and at the end of the day, it's worth noting that the director drew inspiration from several stories from the Batman lore, and in my view, I don't think it can be called stealing especially for a film that is meant to be an adaptation of a particular or several source materials.

The Batman is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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