Mary Poppins Star Emily Blunt Once Again Turns Down Idea of Playing Invisible Woman

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Credit: Walt Disney Studios

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom expressed collective disappointment when Emily Blunt recently revealed that she doesn't see herself taking on a comic book film role and that the superhero genre doesn't actually appeal to her, despite the massive clamor for her and husband John Krasinski to get cast as Reed Richards and Sue Storm in Marvel Studios' highly-anticipated Fantastic Four reboot.

It's no secret that for years now, Marvel fans have been lobbying for the A Quiet Place stars to finally join the MCU and although Krasinski has expressed his interest in joining the universe on several occasions, it looks like Blunt, who was offered two separate Marvel roles in the past is no longer interested in becoming part of the billion-dollar franchise.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Now, a couple of days following her bold declaration, Emily is once again reiterating that the MCU isn't the right place for her as an actress. In a recent interview with Cinepop, the British star once again dismissed rumors linking her to the Fantastic Four project and said that playing Mary Poppins is the closest thing she'll get to playing a superhero. Blunt explains: "I already played a superhero. Mary Poppins is my superhero. I already did that."

As much as it is a bummer, we all gotta respect Emily's opinion and we can't just force her to take on a role that she has zero interest in. But man, I'm part of the majority of fans who believe that she and her husband would be the perfect casting choice to play Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman in the MCU but I guess it will forever remain a fantasy. But hey, that's not to say the Blunt won't ever have a change of heart and when she finally does, I'm sure Kevin Feige's lines will be open.

The MCU's Fantastic Four reboot is under development.

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