Marvel’s The Sentry Is Reportedly Set To Debut In Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts is currently one of the most highly anticipated MCU films, seeing as it is bound to close the MCU Phase 5 ‘with a boom’, as previously teased by Stranger Things and Thunderbolts’ Red Guardian actor David Harbor. This band of super villains will not only group together the unlikelies, but is also set to encounter the ‘big baddie’ of their film, and an additional enemy to the MCU, and that is the ‘Evil Superman’, also speculated to be The Sentry’s introduction into Marvel.

According to notable insider Daniel Richtman (DanielRPK), a project for Sentry is reportedly in development at Marvel Studios, and the new character is supposedly set to make his MCU debut in Thunderbolts.

For the uninitiated, The Sentry is kind of like Marvel’s Superman who is often described having “the power of one million exploding suns.” He has super strength, regenerative powers, and he can fly. Unfortunately, a form of darkness loomed over his future in the form of an alias — Void. Void is, as described by Marvel, “a shadowy monster that exploits its enemy’s greatest fears.” Should Thunderbolts stay faithful to the comic book synopsis, in order for The Sentry to save himself and the world from Void, he had to erase his memories, which ended up working, in spite of losing his hero status.

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Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling was previously in talks with Kevin Feige to be casted for the role of The Sentry, although Gosling was initially eyeing on Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider. Seeing as The Sentry is also bound to be the main baddie against the Thunderbolts, there is no doubt that we are slowly piecing together the plot of the upcoming Marvel film. For now, though, we’ll have to wait for further updates on concrete plot details.

Meanwhile, Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford is also keeping a tight lip on his MCU involvement, aside from confirming that he will be sporting the Red Hulk aka Thunderbolt Ross.

Marvel’s Thunderbolts is currently slated to hit theaters on July 26, 2024.

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