Marvel’s Spider-Man Gamers Concerned That The Game Is Promoting Pro-Surveillance, Pro-Police Agenda

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Insomniac Game's recently released action-adventure Marvel's Spider-Man might be nothing but a commercial and critical success for the studio, however, it seems gamers aren't all too happy with the video game.

Sure Marvel's Spider-Man might boast great graphics and a great gameplay style, however, some players are complaining that the video game is actually pushing pro-police agenda on videogamers, making them believe that it's safe to have a city under complete surveillance by authorities.


The Concourse writer Tom Ley decided to tackle this issue in one of his most recent articles, lamenting over the fact that Marvel's Spider-Man gamers don't have any choice but to work together with the New York Police Department in the game.

According to the writer, there's a single objective at the beginning of the game, and that's to help out the cops.

"Not just any cops, either," Ley says, "but the NYPD specifically, because the game takes place in a true-to-life rendering of New York City. It's dumb to expect video games to be responsible reflections of real life, but it is also impossible, for me at least, to not feel some ickiness about the game forcing me into cahoots with even a fictionalized version of the NYPD, an organization that routinely oppresses some of the most vulnerable residents of the city I live in."

While some might argue that the game would want to send a positive message to children, allowing them to see that Spider-Man helps the authorities, others don't like this pro-police agenda considering the many issues the public has with corrupt policemen.


There's also the fact that Spider-Man spends a lot of time helping repair surveillance towers for the NYPD, creating this unsettling feeling of a "big-brother" watching over the city and observing what every citizen does under it.

What do you think about this pro-police agenda in Marvel's Spider-Man? Do you think it's something that gamers should worry about? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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