Marvel’s Immortal Hulk #7 Has One Hell of a Cliffhanger

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The Immortal Hulk wasn't just Bruce Banner's return to ongoing comics but might just be the best Hulk comic to come out in many years. Writers have tried reinventing the Hulk to make him more marketable but writer Al Ewing has found a way to do this by making him immortal. When Bruce Banner dies, the Hulk wakes up angrier than ever to get revenge, and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

In Immortal Hulk #7, The Avengers have realized how dangerous this version if Hulk truly is and they manage to take him down, though not without problems. He actually manages to scare Thor, someone who has beaten Hulk before, as the God of Thunder has conceded that Earth might have just made a God or a devil.

With Hulk being more dangerous than ever, The Avengers actually do the unthinkable and surrender his temporarily dead body to his old enemy Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who was Red Hulk for quite a while. Ross then hands it over to a different team who decide to dissect Hulk and separate his body parts to make sure he doesn't heal properly and get revenge.

This results in a horrifying image that does pay tribute to classic Frankenstein stories. Seeing Hulk's head conscious and screaming while his other body parts are around him is just freaky. How Marvel ended up publishing this as a T+ book is amazing.


(Marvel Comics/Joe Bennett)

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The Immortal Hulk #7 is available now on comic stores everywhere.

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