Marvel's Hawkeye Series Possibly Eyeing Ready Player One Actor to Play Kate Bishop

It looks like the Hawkeye series is on a roll when it comes to updates. The upcoming Disney+ show just nabbed directors to work on several episodes and now it might be closing in on its lead star. There are speculations that the Marvel Cinematic Universe series already has its eye on the star of Ready Player One to play Kate Bishop.

Some insiders have posted interesting details about the Hawkeye series on Twitter. For instance, a fan tweeted out their hopes that Bumblebee actress Hailee Steinfeld will be cast as Kate. However, Derek Cornell had some bad news.

Ouch, it looks like Steinfeld wasn't lying when she claimed that she has other plans for the future. On the other hand, a separate tweet confirmed that Marvel Studios already moved on and found other candidates.

"Months ago Olivia Cooke and Taissa Farmiga were rumored to be in the running. No idea if either of those ended up being Kate Bishop or if they went with someone else," the tweet read.

These are interesting choices considering that both actors could easily play Kate. However, some fans believe that Marvel may have chosen Cooke for the role. In the meantime, the casting has not yet been confirmed but it could be made official before the end of the month.

Marvel's Hawkeye series will bring back Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and will focus on the character's adventures with his young protege. The show has not yet been given an official release date but is expected to premiere on Disney+ by next year.

Do you think Cooke will be cast as Kate? Sound off in the comments below.

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