Here's The Awesome Reason Why James Gunn was Hired to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy

It's hard to imagine anybody else other than James Gunn working on Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, the filmmaker managed to make an amazing film based on a relatively unknown comic book. However, Kevin Feige has just revealed that they were initially uncertain about hiring Gunn for the job. Luckily, this all changed when the Suicide Squad director pitched his idea for the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick.

Feige recently spoke to Rotten Tomatoes about how the first Guardians film was developed, admitting that people, including Gunn himself, didn't think it was a good idea.

"I loved telling people that we were going to do this movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, with a raccoon and a tree, and people going, 'I don't know what you're talking about, you guys have gone crazy.' James Gunn did have that reaction initially, but as he will tell you, he was driving home and he started to think more about these characters, and he started to fall in love with the notion of this raccoon," Feige said. Interestingly, the Marvel Studios boss added that it didn't take long before Gunn came up with the best pitch for the project.

"He flew to North Carolina, where we were filming Iron Man 3, and we sat down with him. He had an unbelievable take on it. He had a new outline - the cover of whom had a picture of the very first Sony Walkman. With no explanation. I looked at it and I thought, 'This is going to work,'" Feige stated.

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"Because we knew we wanted Peter Quill to have a connection to Earth in a way that most intergalactic outerspace heroes don't have. When I saw that Walkman I thought, 'He's going to do it through music,' which is genius. And that's what he did," he concluded.

We're not surprised that Gunn chose music and nostalgia to propel Guardians of the Galaxy. It was certainly the right move considering that we're expecting the third movie soon.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will once again be directed by Gunn but the project has not yet been given an official release date.

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