Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Pays Tribute to David Bowie

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Guardians of the Galaxy has become one of Marvel's better comic series and a lot of people are thanking Donny Cates, who has managed to blend the group's MCU characteristics with his own weird storytelling. The writer is preparing for The Death of Rocket Raccoon, which is now called Faithless, and it revealed a new ship for Peter Quill's crew. Obviously, we were going to get a new ‘80s reference for the ship's name and fans were pleasantly surprised when Quill called it The Bowie.

Yup, the ship is now named after ‘80s rock icon David Bowie and everyone approves of it. Even the official David Bowie estate loves it, as they tweeted out a thumbs-up to writer Donny Cates when he shared the news on Twitter. We're sure that if he were still alive, Bowie would approve of the name too.

While it's doubtful that the ship's new name will become a collector's item, it is nice seeing the rockstar get the recognition he deserves. The ship's name also has a neat origin. While Quill was contemplating a new name for the ship, going through a number of female celebrity names, Gamora asks him if the ship can be named after a beautiful man from Earth this time. Quill likes the idea and decides to go for The Bowie, which is perfect.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7 is on sale now. If you aren't caught up with Cates' story, you should be able to hunt down the first six issues or wait for the first collected edition. As for MCU fans, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 doesn't have a release date yet but is expected to come out on 2022 or 2023 after James Gunn is done working on The Suicide Squad.

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