Marvel's Avengers Sells Out Big With Mobile Service Exclusive Skins

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When Spider-Man was announced as a PS4/PS5 exclusive for Marvel's Avengers, many felt that it was a sad but expected business decision after cursing the move for a few hours. Most fans have made peace with this fact since they seem to have enjoyed the beta since one big hero doesn't affect gameplay and story. That being said, it looks like Square Enix has made a bunch of business decisions since fans have discovered new skins based on mobile service subscriptions, of all things.

Fans online have found logos that indicate a collaboration between Marvel's Avengers and services like Virgin Media, Intel, and Verizon. There's even a sneak peek at one of these exclusive skins where the characters have an alternate color scheme of their base costumes where they look Canadian. Hell, Captain America looks like Red Guardian from the Black Widow movie, minus the beard.

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Credit: Marvel Games/Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics

Unlike the big Spider-Man PS4/PS5 issue, we're sure this won't cause much controversy with other players since these aren't even big comic book skins. They don't look horrible and Iron Man actually looks pretty dope in the color scheme seen above but these aren't must-have. Still, it's definitely something so if players subscribe to Verizon, Virgin Media, or Intel they should give it a chance.

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Credit: Marvel Games/Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics/Intel

We're sure fans and gamers alike are excited about more skins but probably not for these. Once again, most of us are looking forward to the comic book-based costumes over these neat-ish mobile subscription bonuses (admittedly, the ones from Intel look pretty slick and unique).


Marvel's Avengers will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC this September. The game will also get a PS5/Xbox Series X upgrade for those that buy the PS4/Xbox One version.

Via Reddit

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