Marvel vs Capcom 4? Fantastic 4? Marvel Games Teases Something With 4

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After mostly working on mobile games like Future Fight and Contest of Champions, Marvel Games finally hit it big with Marvel's Spider-Man, thanks to developer Insomniac Games. The game has proven to be a huge hit and is another boon for Sony since the title is exclusive to PS4. While a sequel will likely be made, fans have been wondering what's next for Marvel Games and if we will see other superheroes in video game action.

Recently, the company changed their profile picture in social media to say Marvel G4mes, with a lot of people wondering what the company could be working on. Most of us are assuming that the 4 will lead to a Fantastic Four game, which would be cool since the team has had a fairly bad history with movies so a change in the medium could help them. Fighting game fans, on the other hand, are hoping this is a teaser for Marvel vs Capcom 4, which would also be cool.

What about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? We don't talk about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.


(Marvel Games)

Having a new Fantastic Four game would be interesting since the most recent video game outing for the team was a movie tie-in to Riseof the Silver Surfer on PS3 and Xbox 360. All four members are also playable in the Ultimate Alliance games, though the group has yet to be seen in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch.

No one knows what the company is working on but we can hope that it's announced soon. Maybe the team is joining Ultimate Alliance 3? We'll find out soon enough.

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