Marvel Unveils Incredible Avengers: Infinity War Motion Poster

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Marvel is on a roll. Not only did the company reveal the secondAvengers: Infinity War trailer, which somehow outdoes the first one in almost every way, but we also get a cool new motion poster. Admittedly, that seems pretty small compared to the dramatic new trailer but the poster itself is a work of art but with added camera zooming and a musical score.


It looks like a busier version of the awesome Thor: Ragnarok poster but is nowhere near the mess that was the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster. Having Iron Man and Thanos take center stage is nice, though some will likely make jokes about Stark's blasting pose. Still, this is in the upper echelon of Marvel posters.

(Marvel Studios)

Be warned though; Hawkeye is not on the poster. In fact, the Avenging Archer wasn't in the new trailer either, which is another curious decision. Rumor has it that he will somehow become his Ronin alter-ego but what that has to do with his lack of appearances is unknown. The Infinity War Prelude comic did reveal that he was going home to his family after Cap and friends broke him out of prison, so expect something dramatic that will lead to him picking up his quiver again.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out on April 27. The unnamed sequel comes out on May 3, 2019.

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